Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All about Long Beach, CA

Incorporated in 1897, Long Beach is the fifth largest City in the State of California, located within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The City occupies a land area of approximately 52 square miles and services a population of approximately 481,000. The City of Long Beach is frequently described as a series of strong, diverse, interwoven smaller neighborhoods within a large city. While offering all the amenities of a major metropolis, many say Long Beach has the added benefit of having maintained a strong sense of community.

USA Today has called Long Beach the "most diverse city" out of the 65 most populous cities in the nation. Proud of it's ethnic diversity; Long Beach is home to residents of many descents. The City provides a full range of municipal services, including police and fire, public health and environmental services, library, parks, recreation and related social services, engineering and public works, sanitation, general administration, planning and community development, public improvements, and gas, water, airport and towing services.

The City operates and maintains a world-class international deep-water harbor, a nationally recognized convention center, several beaches and marinas. Long Beach is one of only three cities in California with its own Health Department and Energy Department and the only city in California with its own Oil Department, which manages close to 2,000 oil wells.

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