Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interest Rates Take a Dip

Just when you thought it was over! We all thought the trend of low mortgage rates had come to an end (well, not me of course – just see our archives), Freddie surprised us all with a slight decrease as reported by the Associated Press.

The 30 fixed rate dropped this week to 6.21 from 6.22%. That’s a savings of $1170 for the term of a $500,000 loan.

The King of re-finance, the 15 year fixed rate held steady at 5.75%. while, 1 year adjustable rate edged up 1 percentage point from last week’s 5.15%.

So why don’t you visit some open houses and start shopping for your new home. Here’s what we’ve got this weekend. [January 7 & 8, 2006].

10309 Wrangler Way, Corona 3 Bed/ 2 Bath $289,000
5118 Barlin Ave., Lakewood 3 Bed/ 1 Bath $559,000
4229 Deeboyar Ave., Lakewood 3 Bed/ 2 Bath $690,000
15156 Oliva Ave., Paramount 2 Bed/ 1 Bath $450,000

For a tour of these or other homes, please call (562) 449-8421 or e-mail

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