Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have you thought about upgrading your lighting lately?

It might be a good idea because it can affect the desirability of your home when trying to sell and create a comforting atmosphere while you are living in it. Lighting has many purposes, most of us use task lighting for reading in the den, cooking in the kitchen, and mood lighting for romantic moments in the bedroom.

How your home is lit, definitely has an effect on our moods and perceptions of the things we see. Harsh lighting causes a withdrawal of your visual senses and generally isn’t pleasing aesthetically. While a toned down, soft lit room will help us unwind and relax and the end of the day, it might not help much while trying to prepare dinner if we can’t see too well in the kitchen.

Finding a balance between light levels and types of lighting in each room of your home can be daunting to say the least. Keeping in mind what purpose our lighting design serves helps to find just the right balance. Having a good selection of lighting fixtures helps even more. We’d invite you to check out Home Lighting Fixtures an, Arizona based lighting store that features all the latest trends in indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as a plethora of educational documents to help with design, & planning your lighting projects.

This site has everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere, making your home more inviting, and comfortable for your family & friends. Make sure you check out the outdoor lighting as well. We all know that a nicely landscaped home with just the right lighting will improve curb appeal, often the first thing people see when looking to buy a home.

Remember also, to try to stay true to your home’s architectural style. You wont want Craftsman fixtures all over a Tudor house. That’s another area I’ve found useful is available of architecturally matched collections.
So go out and spruce up your home. Lighting is an inexpensive way of completely changing the look and feel of your home and if done well, can be a personal benefit also.

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