Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Top 10 Reasons, you haven't called

Why haven't you called?

#10. You enjoy calling agent after agent playing the old "Let's Swap Names" game.

#9. You think I'm going to bite.

#8. You just came from one of those "Real Estate Financial Seminars" and the guru told you that you needed to listen to all his tapes before you called anybody.

#7. You were going to but you forgot.

#6. You own a gas station so you can afford to pump tank after tank of unleaded in your car running around looking at houses that don't interest you.

#5. Your first aunt's second cousin's sister Marlene has a Real Estate license.

#4. Someone lied to you and told you we would charge you a commission.

#3. You want to pay too much for a house.

#2. Your dog ate your cell phone

#1. You didn't know we would be tickled pink to give you all the information you want (including the addresses) of all the properties you might be interested in.

No kidding, give us a call.
We'll give you all the information you need on any property listed in the area.

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