Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Greenspan continues to hold interest rates hostage.

More signs interest rates are continuing to rise. I was reading the
paper again this morning (I really should stop doing that), AP covered
a FED story about our friend, Alan Greenspan raised the shorth term
interest rate again to 3.75 %. He's continuing the FED's ongoing 15
month rate-raising plan.

When asked about the effects of Hurrican Katrina on the US economy -
Policy makers were quoted as saying, fallout from the storm doesn't
pose a threat to the economy.

Why do I post this information in The Realty Report? Because, I like to
and its fun. It doesn't really have much to do with Real Estate other
than to demonstrate the superior investment quality of Real Estate and
long term holdings. If you recall the archived articles, we've learned
the short term rate doesn't really effect mortgage rates as much as
some media outlets imply (not by fault).


Anyone want a g-mail account? I've got some invites left.

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